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The purpose of Rooted By Royalty is to educate and familiarize those of the Afrikan disapora on parts of OURStory. We want to have people feel empowered and inspired to share information and learn more. Our brand is to encourage others to love themselves and each other in hopes to unify our community and rise up as a nation. Rooted By Royalty offers 'conscious' clothing & accessories that helps educate, inspire and empower the black community. We highlight significant parts of OURstory and our ancestors that people may have forgotten or even haven't ever learned about. We also focus on messages and images that will express self-love, and encourage uniqueness.

Queen Tiye T-Shirt [MENS]

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Queen Tiye Tee 
Features The Royal Wife of AmenHotep III and Grandmother of King Tut. 
Born of Nubian parents, Queen Tiye and her husband reigned Lower and Upper Egypt for over 38 years.

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