5 contestants. $500 cash prize.


Br3athe goes paintballing with youth from Eva Phoenix and Horizons for Youth

This program is designed to create a safe space for youth to express themselves and have fun while developing life skills along the way. 

There are many ways for these life skills to develop but studies has shown that learning coupled with activity is usually the most impactful.

The reality is, that these youths have gone through some sort of traumatic experience, and what we decide to do after will impact them for the rest of their lives.

Our goal is to instill a sense of confidence, self-esteem, strength, fearlessness, courage, self-discovery, trust, comradery, and social skills through the activities we experience together.

We know through research that the greatest way to help build back up an individual is through physical activity which is what we are proposing to do with these youths. By challenging them to new exciting experiences, we hope to not only push them past their own limits but to help them rebuild their self-esteem and also the innocence that might have been destroyed as well.


Did you overcome anything during today's activity? “Anxiety”
- Paige Lake
“Now I can take this skill and use it elsewhere and it is good to share.”
- Arjel R.
Did you overcome anything during today’s activity? “Face fears.”
- Shelly M.
Would you say this event changed you? “I’m happy, very happy”
- Mustapha B.
“Take my head off of stress and school I enjoyed being with others”
- Tumi
“The instructors went out of their way to make me feel better.”
- Paige Lake
Did you learn anything new about yourself? “Confidence and self-motivated”
- Joanna L.
Did you overcome anything during today's activity? “Fear of flights”
- Mustapha Bukenya
“I'm a go-getter”
- Paige Lake
“I can be more confident”
- Iga Meddie
“It was a good experience, I am unstoppable now”
- Arjel R.
“I’m stronger than I think. Never had SO much fun, would love to go again!”
- L.O.
“Overall great experience. I felt weak at first like I couldn’t go any further but the more I climbed the more confident I felt in myself. I enjoyed the event and I would definitely do it again if I would have the chance.”
- N.S.
Did you overcome anything during today's activity? “My second guessing”
- Iga Meddie
“I had a lot of fun. It makes me love soccer.”
- Sa’ad M.
“It was an amazing experience with familiar faces. I am very competitive.”
- Erin D.
Would you say this event changed you? “Made me more brave.”
- Paige Lake
“It allowed me to release anger”
- Rex
Did you learn anything new about yourself? “I can”
- Glynn

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Supporting Research

Professor Margaret Talbot, President of the International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education, once wrote that sports, dance and other challenging physical activities are distinctively powerful ways of helping young people learn to ‘be themselves’.  She suggested that these sorts of activities - when they are appropriately presented - can teach people to question limiting presumptions they might have picked up, and come to view themselves and their potential in a new way.

Not surprisingly, researchers have found that physical activities play a particularly powerful role in strengthening physical self-worth.  The association between these activities and more general measures of self-esteem is more complex, although there seems little doubt that a positive perception of physical self-worth is an important factor underlying more general positive perceptions of oneself, especially during childhood and early adolescence.

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Br3athe recognizes that by working with local organizations and establishments in the community, it will aid us in creating a stronger presence in the Greater Toronto Area, while increasing the level of support we can ascertain for our ongoing community projects.

Br3athe fundraises for a variety of different campaigns: ranging from assisting the homeless to campaigning to help feed low income families.

We know that by working with community members around the GTA we can start networking and bridging the gap of difference within our communities while simultaneously breaking down barriers of social conditioning.

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Br3athe would love your support with our latest project: “Inhale, Exhale”

Based on a scientific study, it was found that new experiences can help to form new brain patterns, as well as building self-esteem which greatly aids in breaking old habits. Br3athe wants to be at the forefront of bringing new experiences to members of the community whom otherwise would not have the opportunity to develop these new brain patterns.

Br3athe plans to select individuals from various youth shelters around the GTA, and take them out for fun, group activities. These activities include: Paintball, Rock-Climbing, Escape Rooms, and Laser Tag etc.

All that we ask is your support in whatever ways you can; whether it’s coupons, promotion, discounts, venue space, or anything else you can provide.

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