Our Stories

Br3athe constantly oversees projects that help to develop the community. If you wish to be involved in any of our projects, please contact us.

Below are brief summaries of some of our successful projects.

Br3athe on the Streets

Stop by our stands in Kensington Market to talk about solutions.

Head over to our YouTube channel to view more videos of Br3athe on the Streets!

Toronto Talent Championship

November 12, 2016

Our 1st event, the Toronto Talent Championship was a blast but don't just take our word for it, watch the video below to experience this milestone with us!

Our 1st place winner Dream Team went home with $500 in cash!

Dream Team

Singer/Songwriter Gimmemar finished in 2nd place in a close contest.


Our host MC SWAV kept the party going all night


Ferragamo Chvcks & the Simple Life collective delivered a show for the ages

Ferragamo Chvcks & the Simple Life collective

For more information about the 1st Toronto Talent Championship, see below.

5 contestants. $500 cash prize.

Br3athe presents the Toronto Talent Championship, an exciting new series aimed at showcasing the wide variety of talent our city has to offer!

Featuring performances by:

Dream Team (Dancers)

Gimmemar (DJ/Singer/Songwriter)

Edsel (Comedian)

Pierce (Rapper/Singer)

Charlie Hoare Lore (Musician)

The Central . November 12 . 9PM

w/ Special guest - Ferragamo Chvcks.

Music provided by DJ Rocky.

Hosted by MC SWAV

A portion of the proceeds went towards our Swag the Homeless project. Get involved here.

Swag the Homeless

October 7, 2016

Swag the Homele$$ is designed to gain a better understanding of the psychological factors that can cause an individual who is living on the streets to become accustomed to it. We would like to provide a means of support (including food, shelter and clothing) for 2 qualifying individuals who currently are without a place to live for 3 months to potentially help them to establish a new identity as well as a sense of self outside of the streets.

Br3athe Raffle

August 31, 2016

Br3athe Raffle
Br3athe Raffle

Br3athe aims to be the creative solution for charitable giving. We organized a raffle giveaway, with proceeds going to our Swag the Homele$$ project. We congratulate the 1st place winner Peter! He went home with a 43 inch Smart TV. Our 2nd place winner, Dwayne who was blessed with a gift basket of carefully select natural home care products from our gracious sponsor, Blue Nile Naturals

Onyx 1st Annual BBQ

August 20, 2016

Matanga Festival
Onyx Powerball Tournament

Br3athe contributed $500 towards Onyx 1st annual BBQ held at Sunnybrook park, Toronto.

Onyx Powerball Tournament

July 24, 2016

Onyx Powerball Tournament
Onyx Powerball Tournament

Br3athe collaborated with Onyx Barber Shop to hold their first annual one on one basketball tournament. Br3athe raised $2000 towards the tournament's grand prize of $5000.

Matanga Festival

July 4 - August 10, 2016

Matanga Festival
Onyx Powerball Tournament

The Matanga fesitval is a gathering and celebration of African culture for all ages and backgrounds with music, food, yoga, healing circles and conversations, local vendors, workshops, and entertainment for all. Br3athe contributed $320 towards a program designed to engage the entire community in something that binds us, puts our similar priorities on the table despite perceived differences and embrace the strength of our differences in an holistic, healing experience.

Kwanzaa Bus Ride

December 25, 2016

Kwanzaa Bus Ride

Br3athe raised $400 towards the Kwanzaa Bus Ride, an annual celebration held on 25 December. It takes place in the community of New Lowell, 20 minutes outside the city of Barrie, Ontario. Many of the participants have traditionally come from Toronto. However, some were not able to obtain their own transportation. So in the spirit of Ujima, we helped support the drive to charter a community bus ride for the event.