We partner with the following sponsors to help our community development goal become a reality.

TD Bank

Building stronger communities where we operate is our commitment. At TD, we work to enrich our communities by contributing to their social and economic development in long-lasting, sustainable ways.

Simple Life

Simple Life Gang is commited to making a difference in our community and society at large through music, fashion and lifestyle. SLG partners with Br3athe to organize various community development events to empower and uplift members of the community.


Eva's work directly with every youth who comes through their doors to develop a personalized action plan that will empower them to achieve their short and long-term goals. THeir award-winning programs have been proven to help homeless youth lead productive, self-sufficient, and healthy lives.

Horizon's for Youth

Horizons for Youth is a shelter for at-risk and homeless youth aged 16-24 in Toronto. Their mission is to provide shelter, while preparing and guiding homeless and at-risk youth to become contributing community members.

True North Climbing

True North Climbing is a spacious (12,000 square feet!), clean and bright indoor climbing facility that offers a wide range of services for anyone from the beginner to the hard-core climbing addict!

Onyx Barber Shop

Onyx Barbers has been providing professional barbering & hair care services in the GTA for over 10 years. Quality haircuts and exceptional customer service.